Golf Instructional Videos

David Kite – Director of Instruction

We hope these tips help save you many strokes on the course!

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The Proper Grip

David Kite shows you how a ruler can help you learn the most important fundamental in golf, a proper grip.

Chipping the Ball Close to the Pin

David Kite shows you how a penny is the secret to better chip shots.

Proper Ball Position

David Kite discusses the keys to finding the proper ball position for more consistent contact.

Tee It High and Let It Fly!

David Kite shows you how teeing it high maximizes distance with today’s 460cc drivers.

Practice to a Target

David Kite demonstrates the importance of practicing with a purpose by practicing to a target.

Making Solid Contact

David Kite shares an easy drill he learned from the great Harvey Penick that will help you strike it more solid.

Better Bunker Play

David Kite discusses the importance of an open clubface when hitting bunker shots.

Hitting a Hook to Escape Trouble

David Kite demonstrates how to hit a hook shot from behind a tree.

Taking Dead Aim

David Kite uses a classic lesson from Harvey Penick to relieve stress on a difficult shot.

Hitting the Half Wedge Shot

David Kite demonstrates how to hit the half wedge shot nice and tight so you have more putts at birdie.

Making More Putts

David Kite shows you how a technique to help smooth out your putting stroke that will lead to more putts made.

Which Club to Chip With?

David Kite helps identify the best club to choose around the greens based on the situation.