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The following are the rules and regulations governing use of the Links at Stono Ferry (The Club) by Members and guests under the Clubs Membership Program.  These rules and regulations replace and supersede all prior rules and regulations and all other Membership agreements that may have been implemented in the past.  Such prior agreements are no longer valid and are not binding on Management.

Country Club Management, Nature of Membership
The Links at Stono Ferry is operated by Club of Stono Ferry, LLC.  Membership in the Club is a special benefit being made available for the use of accepted Members.

As the operator of the Club, Management retains the right to decide all issues regarding operation and Management of the Club including but not limited to the booking of tee times and reservation of the golf course by groups and tournaments.  Management also reserves discretion to implement, revise, restrict, or otherwise control all aspects of the sale and/or benefits of Memberships and the benefits that Management grants holders of those Memberships.  Management may change, alter, or discontinue the sale of Memberships at its discretion, except that it will not change the benefits or dues of a Membership during a monthly contract period.  Management reserves the right to permit public play at the Club.  As a Member, the Member obtains non-equity, non-participatory right to use the Club and obtains no rights, benefits or responsibilities with regard to the ownership or operation of the Club or the Membership other than those expressly stated with regard to the benefits included in the Membership purchased.  The Member is the person obligated for the payment of all fees, dues, fines and charges.  Memberships are not transferable. Management reserves the right to refuse the sale of a Membership to any person or party.

Member Benefits
Each Member is entitled to certain benefits depending upon the Membership that is purchased as described in the Membership benefits description, which is incorporated herein and made a part of these rules and regulations.  Membership benefits are provided on a month to month basis commencing the date of purchase of the Membership, subject to Managements right to suspend or terminate Memberships as more specifically provided herein.  Member benefits begin upon (i) payment of the monthly fees, (ii) initiation fees and (iii) acceptance of the terms of these rules and regulations.  The foregoing will be evidenced by the completion and execution of this Membership application form.

Membership Use
Only the individual Member (and designated Family Member(s) upon payment of the appropriate fee(s) is (are) entitled to the use of the Club.  Use of the Club under any Membership is conditioned upon the timely payment of all fees, deposits, dues, and satisfaction of any other obligations owed by the Member to the Club.

Credit Card Information
The Club will accept cash, check, and credit card payments only in the pro shop.  All other charges by a Member will be charged to the Members account and billed monthly.  If a Family Membership category is selected, the charge privileges will be extended to the Members spouse and those dependents listed that are to have charge privileges.  A Member is fully responsible for any and all charges made to the Members account.  The extension of charge privileges with issuance of a Membership card is not the same as the issuance of a credit card.   All bills for the Club charges will be due and payable in full upon receipt of an invoice thereof.  A late payment charge of 1% per month will be added to any balance remaining unpaid 30 days after the billing date.  Charge privileges may be discontinued at any time, and may be denied to a Member and applicable spouse and authorized dependents for failure to timely pay billings for charges made.  Management, at its discretion, may termninate any Member whose account is deliquent.  Such forfeiture shall not prejudice or affect in any manner the right of Management to collect such delinquent amount.  Following the applicants signature at the end of this agreement is information for a major credit card issued to the applicant, which Club of Stono Ferry, LLC. may charge upon default in the payment of Club dues and charges.

Tee Times
The purchase of a Membership does not guarantee or reserve tee times on the golf course.  The purchaser of a Membership is not entitled to or granted any rights with regard to access to the golf course other than the advance reservations outlined for the applicable Membership type on a tee availability basis.  Management also reserves the right to schedule, conduct and/or authorize golf tournaments, which include guests who are not Members. During such events, Members may not be able to use the Clubs facilities. Death of Dissolution of Member/Transferability
All of the benefits of Membership will terminate upon the death or dissolution of a Member.  No person shall have rights to a deceased or dissolved Members Membership. Under no circumstances shall any Member have the right or ability to transfer his/her Membership.  Each Membership is personal to the individual whose name appears in this document. Restriction, Suspension or Expulsion from Membership

Any Member who violates the rules and regulations contained in this document shall be subject to fine, suspension and/or immediate revocation of his/her Membership.  All Members found to be in violation of the rules and regulations may be denied all Club privileges. This denial of privileges may apply to one or more Family Members in Managements sole and absolute discretion.

Restriction or Suspension
Management at all times has the absolute right to restrict or suspend for a definite or indefinite time the Membership privileges of any Member who Management finds has violated any rule, regulations or policy established in the rules and regulations contained in this document (or otherwise established by Management for the operation of the Club) or whose behavior is disruptive to the operation of the Club.  The prior imposition of a fine is not a necessary prerequisite to restriction or suspension.

A suspension may be lifted by Management, in its sole discretion, upon receipt of evidence that any rule, regulation or policy violation committed has been remedied or any offensive behavior will not be repeated.  Such suspension removal may require a Member to agree to certain terms and conditions, or pay certain fines or penalties, or comply with other appropriate requirements, which shall be determined in the sole and absolute discretion of Management.

Termination and Resignation
Memberships may be terminated voluntarily by a Member.  Any Member may resign his Membership by presenting a letter of resignation to the Club Manager.  The Member is responsible for all dues and charges accumulated until the letter of resignation is accepted.  If a Member resigns, the Member will not be reimbursed by the Club for any dues or initiation fees previously paid and if any part of an initiation fee is financed the unpaid portion is still due and payable upon termination.

Each Member agrees to abide by all rules and regulations established by Management relating to the conduct of Members and other customers of the Club.  Stated rules may include, without limitation, rules regarding proper conduct, dress code and golf etiquette. Revocation
A Membership may be revoked and the rights of any person or persons entitled to privileges under that Membership may be terminated for any, but not limited to the following reasons:

  • Sixty (60) day delinquency or frequent delinquency in required payments as described above
  • commission of any felony or misdemeanor theft at the Club
  • willful destruction of the Club, staff or customer property
  • Physical or gross verbal abuse of staff or customers
  • Continued and Repeated violations of any rules or policies
  • Conduct which seriously detracts from Managements absolute right to manage the Club and preserve its financial integrity

Sale of The Links at Stono Ferry
The Owner of the golf course retains the right to sell or otherwise transfer operations of the Club and all of its facilities to another party at its sole discretion.  The Owner is not required to give notice of any such sale or transfer or to request or obtain approval of any such sale or transfer from Members or Management.  Any such sale or other transfer shall be subject to each Members continued use of their Membership benefits for the period of time remaining on his or her Membership.

Terms and Conditions of Memberships
The use of the Club Facilities and any privilege or service incident to Membership is undertaken with knowledge of risk of possible injury.  The undersigned applicant, for himself or herself and family members, hereby accepts any and all risk of injury to himself and/or herself, his and/or her guests and family sustained while using the Club Facilities or involved in any event or activity incident to membership in the Club.  In accepting the risk of injury, the undersigned, for himself or herself and family members and guests, understand that he and/or she relieves Club of Stono Ferry, LLC. and its successors and assigns, and their members, directors, officers, partners, shareholders, employees, agents and affiliates and the members of any Advisory Board of the Club from any and all loss, cost, claims, injury, damages or liability sustained or incurred by him and/or her, his and/or her guests and family resulting from or arising out of any conduct or event connected with Membership in the Club and use of any of the Club Facilities.

Note:  No person is authorized to make any representations or purport to enlarge upon the information contained in this document.  If you receive any representation other than what is written here, please notify the Clubs General Manager in writing.

The undersigned hereby agrees to be bound by the term of the rules and regulations contained in this document as they may be amended by Management in its sole discretion.

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